Before visiting Tyr Abad, please download our recommended Kit Lists – we have included one for children and one for staff (see below).

For visiting staff, please download our Handbook for Visiting Staff, especially if you've not been to Tyr Abad before.


Handbook for Visiting Staff

Our Handbook contains a wealth of useful information for visiting staff. Please click the button below to download the handbook as a PDF document.

Kit Lists for Children and Staff

It's important you bring the right clothing and kit with you to Tirabad, regardless of the season or the weather at home. Here's what we recommend you pack for your Welsh adventure.

*Please note that specialist clothing and equipment is provided by the centre.

Quick View Kit List for Children

Children may get wet and muddy every day. Whilst clothes can be dried in the drying room overnight, underwear and socks will need to be changed at least once a day.

The following is a kit list for each child to bring with them. It is an essential list regardless of the season, and it is the responsibility of the parent to ensure that their child is adequately equipped. Safety outdoors starts with basic clothing. 

*Please make sure that ALL your child's clothing is labelled.



• Underwear for each day
• 5 x pairs of thick woolen socks (loop lined ski socks are best)
• 3 x warm shirts
• 3 x sweaters (wool or fibre pile/fleece are best)
• 3 x pairs of tracksuit/leggings/ski trousers
• NO JEANS are allowed for out of doors use
• Set of old, but warm, clothing for caving
• Hat, scarf, gloves
• Old trainers that can get wet and muddy
• Wellington boots and walking boots if you have them. (Do not go and buy these especially for Tyr Abad as the Centre has them available.)
• Drink bottle (essential – more than half a litre)
• Sun hat in the summer
• Swimsuit
• Sun tan lotion
• Insect repellent (summer)
• Watch for orienteering
• Children will need to wear three warm layers for most activities, and it is best if the layer they wear next to their skin is a man-made thermal material

A changing poncho can be useful.


  • Sleeping bag

  • Toiletries

  • 2 x bath towels

  • Polythene bag for laundry

  • Casual clothes for evening

  • Indoor shoes or slippers to keep clean

  • Nightwear

  • Pillowcase

  • Underwear

  • Socks

  • Writing materials

  • Camera if you wish

  • Book


Tuck and Gift Shop

We have a small tuck and gift shop at Tyr Abad selling a range of fun and useful souveniers, as well as treats like chocolate and crisps. Please bring a little money with you.

For example*:

  • Tyr Abad hoodies are £25;

  • t-shirts are less than £15;

  • pens, soft toys, beanies, mugs, rulers are less than £5

  • torches are under £10

  • postcards with stamps, chocolate, crisps are all less than £1


*Please note: Costs are not exact and are meant as reference only - they are subject to change without prior notice or warning.